About Us

History and Structure

In the early 1990’s, an adult literacy council was formed and offered tutoring to adults in Burnett County who  wished to increase their reading proficiency or learn to read.  Unfortunately, the group disbanded due to a lack of learners coming forward to make use of the volunteers ready and willing to tutor.  

In 2013, Burnett County Family Literacy was founded by volunteer, Annette Starkite.  This literacy organization expanded the definition of literacy to include:  Early Childhood Literacy, adult literacy, childhood literacy, health and financial literacy, computer, resumes, GED and ESL literacy.

From the start, BCFL has worked closely with WI Literacy, Indianhead Community Action Agency (ICAA), North Memorial Ambulance, Larsen Family Public Library, UW Ext. and Northern Waters Learning in developing and maintaining programs.  BCFL is committed to “enriching the quality of life and learning” for all residents of Burnett County.

Board Members

The Administrative Board of Burnett County Family Literacy was formed March, 2014 and may consist of nine individuals, a cross-section of our community, who strongly believe and promote literacy in Burnett County.   

The Board is comprised of:  

  • Annette Starkite - Chair
  • Diane Lund - Vice Chair
  • Emily Nehring - Secretary
  • Tom Bell - Treasurer
  • Sharon Blanding - Member
  • Heidi Jones - Member
  • Patti Meyer - Member