The “Ask Me For The Health Of It” booth is situated within the Connections food giveaway, twice a month.   A Registered Nurse is available on the second food giveaway to take blood pressures, weights, general medical questions and suggest referrals.  Seasonal topics may be highlighted such as Lyme’s disease, sunstroke, flu and flu vaccines, frostbite and the hazards of carbon monoxide.  Each first Friday of the month, a North Memorial Ambulance crew is on hand for blood pressures to be taken.

A volunteer Registered Nurse taking blood pressure. 

"Organic seed packets donated by High Mowing Organic Seeds"


Presentations and information are available to parents and caregivers highlighting the importance of reading to babies and very young children. Free board books are given each month at the Connection’s food giveaway, and gently used books are available for older children.  Burnett Medical Center in Grantsburg receives new board books to go home with each newborn.  

BCFL, working with Larsen Family Public Library, also sponsors readers and free book giveaways at the Webster Fair each summer. Children, and their parents are invited to stop and rest while being read a story, enjoy a free bottle of water and take a book home with them.

“A child needs a forest of words to wander through, a sea of words to splash in.  A child needs to be read to and a child needs to read."  NY Times 11/25/15